Welcome to my world!

Social media. Image by Gino Crescoli.

Now in a large part of the world the COVID virus is circulating, stricter measures are also being applied in the Netherlands to continue to try to control the epidemic. Many people find it difficult they are mainly housebound by all these measures. For me, this is my normal daily life, because of my disabilities I am always housebound. In short, welcome to my world!

Unprecedented measures

The current measures severely curtail everyone's personal freedom. Everyone should stay at home as much as possible. If we go outside on the street, we have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters, on pain of a high fine.

It is unique that such drastic measures apply in the Netherlands in a non-war situation. All of this in hope of leveling out the peak of the COVID epidemic, relieving health care system and in this way protecting public health.

Social upheaval

For most people, this situation takes a lot of getting used to. People are obliged to work from home. Children and youngsters can no longer go to school, and even the final exams have been postponed. Traveling by public transport is not recommended. Traveling abroad is not recommended or is impossible. In stores we have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters and often a door policy applies. Etc, etc.

This is a completely different world than we took for granted until recently! Many people have great difficulty with this, because it is so different from what we are used to. Many feel isolated and lonely. Eespecially in these difficult moments people want to be together, but precisely that is impossible.

My normal

When friends asked me what I thought of the whole situation, I realised that I don't notice any difference from my normal daily life. Because of my chronic illness, I have huge disabilities and I am mainly housebound. Something as simple as shopping (for daily groceries) costs me so much energy that afterwards I am able to hang on my couch for the rest of the day.

Since my chronic illness I mainly live from my own home. Therefore my social contacts almost always take place by telephone, video calling and social media. So for me, the current situation is no different from my normal life. And the same applies to many other people with a disability or chronic illness.

Tto everyone who finds the current measures difficult, I say: "welcome to my world!"

Empty supermarkets

What does bother me is the (unnecessary) hoarding of people. As a result, many supermarkets have empty shelves, because they can't keep up with the supply. Because of my disabilities, I have the energy to go to one supermarket.

Having products delivered is not possible for me. Two supermarkets don't deliver at all where I live, and the third has such long waiting times that I can't make an order.

In short, if the supermarket around the corner doesn't have toilet paper or cat gravel, then I can only rely on an old newspaper. Welcome to my world! :-(


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