About living with (too) little money.


Escaped the stranglehold of poverty

Jochem. Photo: Johannes Odé

An article about hidden poverty in the context of the Day of Hidden Poverty.

Seven years ago I suddenly became chronically ill. My life changed completely in one fell swoop. An accident never comes alone, because I could no longer work and ended up on welfare benefit – and that was my biggest disability. Living in poverty is degrading and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! Rescue came completely unexpectedly.

Living around the poverty line due to ME/CFS

Living around the poverty line due to ME/CFS

Due to ME/CFS I am no longer able to work. As a self-employed person I am not entitled to a disability benefit, and so I ended up on Social Benefit. You can manage reasonably well with Social Benefit, provided you have no additional costs. But I do have additional costs and that is why I am about 150 euros short each month.