About COVID and living with the COVID regulations


COVID: terror and mass hysteria

Living in COVID society (photo: congerdesign)

One of the consequences of COVID amazes me: the absolute terror that rages through our society, resulting in a mild form of mass hysteria. Why this fear? Are we panicking because life suddenly turns out differently than we expected? Or is our taboo on dying and everything related to that, suddenly too close? It probably is a combination of factors this as well.

Help! Too many contacts because of COVID

Constantly on the phone because of COVID (photo: Susan Cipriano)

About a week ago I wrote the blog "Welcome to my world!". In this blog I wrote that my life hasn't changed since the COVID regulations, for I am housebound because of my disabilities anyway. That's not entirely true: now I am phoned by friends so more often, that I don't manage to do any useful stuff. A remarkable luxury problem: I have to cut my (digital) social contacts, because it is too much!


Welcome to my world!

Social media. Image by Gino Crescoli.

Now in a large part of the world the COVID virus is circulating, stricter measures are also being applied in the Netherlands to continue to try to control the epidemic. Many people find it difficult they are mainly housebound by all these measures. For me, this is my normal daily life, because of my disabilities I am always housebound. In short, welcome to my world!