Personal stories about my life with ME/CFS.


Everyone already knew…

Djembes [photo: Barbara]

Recently I was at my queer pagan camp, where I have been going for years. As usual there were also djembés and some of us started playing the drums. Usually that doesn't bother me, but one of the drums had a high pitch that hurts my ears. So I took some distance, and one of my friends asked if that has to do with my autism. Autism?! Which autism??

Wanted: rehabilitation center with offer

Jochem. Photo: Johannes Odé

A while ago I saw a petition on the website of HandicapNL calling for rehabilitation programs to be expanded with the transition from rehabilitation center to life at home. A justified demand, because that transition is very big. Too big. So I wholeheartedly support this petition! But it also made me jealous, because when I got sick, the reaction was: “You have to learn to live with it”. And I was outside again.