(Possible) causes of and reasons for ME/CFS.


ME/CFS and the MUPS myth

Cartoon. Sick man is lying in bed, connected to a heart monitor. Female doctor stands next to the bed and thinks: "Everything checks out normal".

For a long time I didn't want to write about MUPS, for several reasons. Because ME/CFS is not a MUPS. Because I don't want to encourage the MUPS myth around ME/CFS. Because the MUPS myth bears witness to an unparalleled arrogance. Because... However, I notice it is time for me to do write something about it. Why? For exactly the same reasons!

(More) unknown causes of ME/CFS: mold

Wall with (dark) mold.

If ME/CFS is suspected, some obvious causes are excluded, and then the examinations will soon stop. After all, the cause of ME/CFS is unknown, so further investigation is considered futile.

If you are willing to look further, then indeed all kinds of possible causes for ME/CFS will appear. A number of them can even be treated properly! Although that isn't always possible in the Netherlands. Mold is one of these examples.