On this site I tell about my life as queer with a chronic illness. As a passionate storyteller, I exchange information with striking examples and personal experiences. Hopefully you are able to better empathise with my situation. And with that of many others...

Wanted: rehabilitation center with offer

Jochem. Photo: Johannes Odé

A while ago I saw a petition on the website of HandicapNL calling for rehabilitation programs to be expanded with the transition from rehabilitation center to life at home. A justified demand, because that transition is very big. Too big. So I wholeheartedly support this petition! But it also made me jealous, because when I got sick, the reaction was: “You have to learn to live with it”. And I was outside again.

Living with ME/CFS is… Not realising having the flu.

Dog [photo: dife88]

Since I have ME/CFS, I haven't had flu! No. Again: since I have ME/CFS, I don't notice when I have flu. Because to me the symptoms of the flu are so much like the symptoms of ME/CFS that I can't tell them apart. That is why it often takes a week before I realise I am not having a bad week, but I have flu.