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14th June: Divine limitations – a trip with Bes

The god Bes

The PFI-NL Bes Network will organise an online meeting on Sunday the 14th of June 2020. During this meeting we meet the cheerful, little god Bes and explain why our network is named after him. And we will discuss what we recognise in Bes. We close the afternoon with a Bes talisman.

Divine limitations – a trip with Bes

Date: Sunday 14th of June 2020

Time: 15:00 to 16:30 uur, afterchat to 17:00

Location: web address you’le receive after signing up

Signing up:


The Egyptian god Bes was one of the smaller gods. He therefore had no temples of his own, but people often had an altar for him in their house. He played an important role in the everyday life of ordinary people.

After meeting Bes, a group discussion follows about what we recognise in Bes. How does your disability affect the experience of your spirituality? How can you take that experience into your mundane life? Together we will delve deeper into these themes. We look forward to an interesting exchange of ideas and experiences!

We close the afternoon with a Bes talisman, which you can use at home, for example on your altar. How we are going to do this exactly, remains a surprise for now.

What time?

The meeting will take place online, from 15:00. We expect to be ready around 16:30. Halfway we have a short break. Afterwards we have the opportunity to chat some more (online), until about 17:00.


We organise this activity through Jitsi Meet, because it respects our privacy the best. Jitsi Meet is very simple: After your registration we email you the web address, that you simply go to. You do not have to download anything, nor do you have to log in.
To be able to participate interactively, a webcam and microphone are useful, but it is also possible without, via chat.

Signing up

You can sign up for this interactive afternoon at Soleil: After signing up you will receive the web address of this meeting.
If you need anything specific to be able to participate, please let us know when you sign up. We do our best to arrange this, in consultation with you.