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Living with ME/CFS is… A black-out by brainfog

Fog. Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

I recently had to give a workshop. To be able to do that I brought a box of stuff with me, which fitted perfectly under the seat of my wheelchair. Ideal, because that way I had my hands free to wheel.

The night before I had everything ready, so in the morning I lash that box under my seat. No problem at all, because it is not difficult and moreover I had done that before.

The day is going fine. My workshop is going well and it leads to a number of interesting conversations afterwards. In short, I am satisfied.

At the end of this fun day I am knackered. I did not expect anything else, so that was taken into account. I still have one major task to do and that is the journey home. I am not looking forward to it, but the knowledge that at home I can finally fall into my bed keeps the despair-through-exhaustion at distance.

Exhautedly tired I pack my things together. I grab the box and the rope, and I realise that I can no longer imagine at all how I can attach that box. I see the box and the rope, I know it's not difficult, but I simply can't add 1 and 1 together anymore. My brain is so tired that it is on strike.

That is brainfog (too)...