About JV

Wheelie queer. (Design: Ellen Murray, www.ellenmurray.co.uk)

On this site you will find information and personal experiences about Jochem's life as a queer with a chronic illness. Both issues still lead to misunderstanding and prejudice, which may result in discrimination.

Jochem is convinced that understanding and equal treatment start with knowledge. As a passionate information officer, he alternates information and striking examples. Hopefully you are able to better empathise with his situation, and with that of many others...

About Jochem

Jochem (1974) is a passionate man, with special attention to justice. He calls himself queer & disability activist. So, someone who is committed to equal rights for LGBTIQ people and/or disabled people.

Jochem is an experienced trans activist. He is the initiator of Transman.nl, founder of Transman Foundation and co-founder of Transgender Netwerk Netherlands. At the moment he is chair of Stichting Transman. He also is actively involved with the Principle 17 collective, which is committed to better transgender health care in the Netherlands.

In addition, he has extensive experience in the world of people with a disability or chronic illness. For years he has been active at the various organisations for the D/deaf and hard of hearing, and he wrote for the platform WijRollen.nl. Currently he is involved in the Bes Network, pagan initiative that stands for inclusivity and diversity, and The Wyrd Thing, heathen podcast on inclusivity and diversity. Also twice a month he organises (online) ME-Living Room Group meetings for people with ME/CFS.