New flyer “What is ME/CFS?”

Flyer “What is ME/CFS?”

We often hear from our followers that family and friends aren't familiar with ME/CFS, and don't know how to cope with them. That is why the ME/CFS Foundation has composed the new flyer "What is ME/CFS?". This flyer explains briefly and concisely what ME/CFS is, and what this could imply for someone's life.

The flyer is meant to be distributed to family, friends and everyone else in your surrounding, so that you don't have to explain yourself what ME/CFS is. Or to help you explain what ME/CFS means to you. For example, if you don't manage well because of brain fog. In any case, experience shows that people often take information on paper more seriously.
If people would like to know more after reading the flyer, you can talk about it. If you feel like it and have energy for it. Otherwise you can refer them to the ME/CFS info line or the website of the ME/CFS Foundation. (Both are mentioned on the flyer.)

The immediate reason for this flyer were the experiences within the ME-Living room group in Zeist. There the participants ran against the unfamiliarity of ME/CFS again and again. People don't know the illness at all or just faintly, and can't imagine the consequences of living with ME/CFS. That leads to mutual misunderstanding and frustration.

The flyer can be requested for shipping costs via the webshop of the ME/CFS Foundation.

The digital version of the flyer may be distributed by everyone. After all, we all want ME/CFS to become known to everyone!

Please note: the flyer is only available in Dutch, for now. If you would like an English version, please let me know. If enough people request for an translation, we'll provide for it.

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