Living with tinnitus is… Being awake half the night because of a “mosquito”.

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Last summer was not only warm, but also very rich in mosquitoes. In my area is a ditch with stagnant water, so I suffer from a lot of mosquitoes. For weeks I have crushed 10 to 15 mosquitoes, every night again.

The buzzing of a mosquito makes me alert, and I won’t sleep until I caught the wrongdoer. That's why I slept under a mosquito net that period: then I am able to sleep, despite the buzzing of mosquitoes, knowing that I won’t be stung. Because that's the problem: mosquitoes really like blood and without measures they bite me. (And these stungs will always turn into big, itchy bumps that I will “enjoy” for days.)

One evening at the end of the mosquito season yet another mosquito was in my bedroom. I lay under my mosquito net, but earlier that night a mosquito crawled underneath it, so my confidence in the net was a bit shaken... Because of the persistent buzzing it took me long before I fell asleep that night.

At 3 o'clock in the morning I woke up again by the buzzing of a mosquito. It kept flying around, on the edge of what I was able to hear, but with my sleepy head I could not find it. I didn’t catch any sleep anymore, the rest of that night. I dozed off all the time, but then woke up again because of that stupid mosquito!

When it finally became morning and I woke up enough to go to the toilet, the mosquito appeared to join me. Only then something started to dawn... To check my suspicion I went to my living room and listened carefully. Indeed, I heard a mosquito here too. That explained everything: there was no mosquito at all! It was my tinnitus that had been triggered by the mosquito from the night before and had taken over the sound.

So I had been awake all night because of a non-existent tinnitus mosquito! :-(

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