ME Living Room Groups Zeist

ME Living Room Group

The ME Living Room Groups are meetings for people with ME/CFS. During these meetings we exchange experiences, we share tips about our lives with ME/CFS, and we make new friends. In short, all the good things that contact with fellow sufferers has to offer.


There are two ME Living Room Groups in Zeist:

  • One group every first Monday.
  • The other group every third Wednesday.

Both groups come together from 14:00 to 16:00, in a living room in Zeist. The groups are open, so people can join us any meeting.

The ME Living Room Groups Zeist are independent, and are supervised by an experienced supervisor, who has ME/CFS themselves.


Usually the meetings have a theme, so that every time a different aspect of living with ME/CFS is discussed. And sometimes we deviate from the theme to discuss what is going on with the participants at that time.

The ME Living Room Groups have a positive approach. We try to look at what is possible. Together we have a lot of experience with creative solutions. Of course, there is space for the difficult aspects of living with ME/CFS as well.


Both groups are very varied: there are women and men, from 20 to 70. Some have a partner, others do not. Some have work, most do not. Some are diagnosed with ME and/or CFS, others do not (yet). Yet we recognise many of each other's experiences.

Sign Up

Both ME Living Room Groups Zeist have a maximum of 8 participants per meeting. That is why we ask participants to sign up in advance.

Please sign up by sending an email to Jochem: After signing up you will receive the address of the meeting.

For questions or more information you can also contact Jochem.