About living as a LGBTIQ person: people who don't fit into the binary cis and heteronormative expectations.


Belonging: to feel at home

A group of 10 silhouettes of people: men, women and others.

It is important to have a community where you are among like-minded people. Where people accept you as you are, where half a word is enough. In short, where you are at home. For me, that is the community of transmen. Only there are made no (unspoken) assumptions about my gender, my youth and/or my physical appearance. Only there I can be fully myself without expectations.

Transgenders and regret: reaction to an incomplete article

On 22 September, Kennislink published an article about transgender people and regrets, with the somewhat trendy title "Regretting your sex change". I think it is very good that we pay attention to people who are not satisfied with their gender change. Even though the number of people with regret in the Netherlands is extremely low: about 1%, that does not make the suffering of these people less! Unfortunately, I think that Kennislink does not do justice to the situation with this article.