On this site I tell about my life as queer with a chronic illness. As a passionate storyteller, I exchange information with striking examples and personal experiences. Hopefully you are able to better empathise with my situation. And with that of many others...

Transgenders and regret: reaction to an incomplete article

On 22 September, Kennislink published an article about transgender people and regrets, with the somewhat trendy title "Regretting your sex change". I think it is very good that we pay attention to people who are not satisfied with their gender change. Even though the number of people with regret in the Netherlands is extremely low: about 1%, that does not make the suffering of these people less! Unfortunately, I think that Kennislink does not do justice to the situation with this article.


ME-Livingroom meeting: Loneliness

ME-Living room meeting

Every month I organise ME-Living room groups, meetings for people with ME/CFS. At these meetings we exchange experiences, share tips about our lives with ME/CFS, and make new contacts. I supervise 2 groups: every 1st Monday and every 3rd Wednesday of the month. (Click here for more info.) Because our experiences might be interesting for others as well, I will share the summaries of our conversations here.

Living with ME/CFS is... No longer able to read a book for pleasure.

One of the most important characteristics of ME/CFS is "impaired cognitive functioning", such as concentration problems. It is even one of the criteria which doctors will use to make the diagnosis. (See also the Health Council's advice on ME/CFS, March 2018.)