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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your comment, with all the extra info you provide.

Its dubious to cite the WHO code as evidence though. Doctors are well aware its just a bureaucratic code. Its important for insurance and politics, but its not scientific.

You are of course right! I have added this, because in the Netherlands most people (and I assume doctors too) don't even know about this ICD code. It is not used by Dutch health insurances or politics, as the believe ME/CFS is a mental condition is so very strong here.
The formal policy still is to use the Fukuda criteria for diagnosis, and the recommended treatment still is CGT-for-CFS and GET. People are denied benefits because they don't want to do CGT and/or GET, because "they refuse to cooperate to improve their health". Nonsense, of course. Unfortunately, the MUPS group is quite powerful here. (The NKCV, the Dutch MUPS group, has strong ties with the researchers of the PACE trial.)

Thanks for your research update! I am not able to read this myself, due to brain fog. (Despite my scientific background.) So I will have to rely on other people reading this stuff and relay the info, f.e. in my blogs.

Keep up the good work!