On this site I tell about my life as queer with a chronic illness. As a passionate storyteller, I exchange information with striking examples and personal experiences. Hopefully you are able to better empathise with my situation. And with that of many others...

“How good you do this for them!"

Sign for I Love You

Years ago I was on my way to the cinema with a group of friends. On our way we were approached by someone who asked for directions. No one in the group responded, except for me. That made sense: I was the only hearing one of our group. After I showed directions, they asked me if I was their mentor. "No, we are friends on our way to the cinema." I got an admiring look and the compliment that it was really good what I did.

Corona: terror and mass hysteria

Living in corona society (photo: congerdesign)

One of the consequences of corona amazes me: the absolute terror that rages through our society, resulting in a mild form of mass hysteria. Why this fear? Are we panicking because life suddenly turns out differently than we expected? Or is our taboo on dying and everything related to that, suddenly too close? It probably is a combination of factors this as well.

Help! Too many contacts because of corona

Constantly on the phone because of corona (photo: Susan Cipriano)

About a week ago I wrote the blog "Welcome to my world!". In this blog I wrote that my life hasn't changed since the corona measures, for I am housebound because of my disabilities anyway. That's not entirely true: now I am phoned by friends so more often, that I don't manage to do any useful stuff. A remarkable luxury problem: I have to cut my (digital) social contacts, because it is too much!

Welcome to my world!

Social media. Image by Gino Crescoli.

Nu het corona-virus rondwaart in een groot deel van de wereld gelden er ook in Nederland steeds strengere maatregelen om de epidemie te kunnen blijven controleren. Veel mensen vinden het moeilijk dat ze door alle maatregelen grotendeels aan huis gebonden zijn. Voor mij is dit mijn normale dagelijkse leven, want door mijn beperkingen ben ik altijd aan huis gebonden. Kortom, welkom in mijn wereld!

PFI-Netherlands Disability Network takes action

Logo Pagan Federation International (PFI)

Roll up your sleeves & get started!

At the third online meeting of the Disability Network our (inter)national coordinator Morgana was present. Morgana has updated us on international developments within the PFI, and beyond. As a result, this meeting was slightly different than the previous two meetings.


Living with ME/CFS is… A black-out by brainfog

Fog. Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

I recently had to give a workshop. To be able to do that I brought a box of stuff with me, which fitted perfectly under the seat of my wheelchair. Ideal, because that way I had my hands free to wheel.

The night before I had everything ready, so in the morning I lash that box under my seat. No problem at all, because it is not difficult and moreover I had done that before.

The day is going fine. My workshop is going well and it leads to a number of interesting conversations afterwards. In short, I am satisfied.

Recognition combines strengths: strength in numbers

Logo Pagan Federation International (PFI)

2nd online meeting PFI-NL Disability Network successful

We know that many pagans and heathens with a disability or chronic illness run into walls. Because it is very frustrating if you can't access the meeting that you really wanted to go to. Because you can be very lonely in the middle of the circle, sitting on a chair, while everyone is dancing around you. Because it is uncomfortable if you’re following the ritual only half, because you can’t hear the speaker(s) well enough. Because it is very painful if others don’t understand what you need to feel safe at an event.

"Your sex" - a vague question!

Sex: title, hormones, chromosomes, juridical, genitalia, gender identity.

Many non-binary transgender people are extremely annoyed by the fact that you have to state your gender everywhere. For those who don't feel a man nor a woman, this is an impossible question to answer. Similar to a question like "What is your favorite colour?", and the only options you can tick are "green" or "orange". But your favorite colour is blue. Not nice!


Gender & identity

Man - woman - roller (source: <a href="https://shop.spreadshirt.nl/wheelchairmafia/geschikt+001?idea=5a0d9bce5fd3e43e76f863db" target="_blank">Wheelchair Mafia</a>)

More and more often I am attending events where it is common to ask attendees which pronouns they want to be addressed as. So, whether one wants to be addressed as he/him, they/them or she/her. This does not only happen in trans communities, but also beyond. Very liberating for that large group of people who don't identify as "men" or "women"! This development forces me to think again about my own gender identity.


Online PFI-NL about disability small, but nice!

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Sunday 15 September was the first online meeting with pagans and heathens with a disability. We were with a small group, but soon it was clear that all participants are used being a go-getter. As a result, we had a very good and effective conversation. The next online meeting is on October 27th at 15:00.